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On this page we'll list current members and welcome new members.


Ron and Jean Apple
Bill and Nohemy Austin
Bill and Cathy Barnett
Jack and Pat Becker 
Don and Margaret Black
Stan and Paula Blair
Steve and Denise Blesser
Rick Bottegal 
Don and Rose Caskey
Rich and Rhonda Chastain
Bill and Cindy Cooper
Paul and Sara Cox
Ray Dauer and Carol Vandervliet
John and Jenny Davis
Guy Derby
John and Ann Donkers 
Pam Espeut
Ken and Kim Fabel
Tom and Catherine Feminella
Jim and Linda Forbes
Ron and Francis Freeman
JW and Vickie French
Emile and Martha Greenway
Bob Haas
Victor Herbert
Tony and Rita Ketelaars
Mark & Gail Klepper
Frank Kurtz 
Hank Lauener
Tom and Sue Losey
Stu and Katherine Loten 
Duncan and Barbara McBride
Wayne and Dodie McDermott
Russ and Barbara Morris
Bill and Sandy Moxley
Greg and Sharon Neuville
Richard Parbs
Ken and Marylee Putman
Bud Richter 
Larry and Dorothy Riddle
Darrin and Jill Ries
Rodger and Phyllis Roberts
Pat and Kathy Robinson
Glenn and Carol Scherrer
Bruce and Carolyn Skaggs
Andy and Betti Skiba
Earl and Betty Smith
Harry and Barrie Smith
Kirk and Amanda Snader 
Walter and Christel Strumienski
Fred Ungerer 
Dawn Ward
Frank and Corrine Williams
Tom Williams

In this area, I might include a link to the "Bulletin Board" page, which includes news and announcements about members.

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